Beginning any kind of legal action can be daunting, and one of your main worries may be how to pay for the costs involved. At Truth Legal, we will guide you through your funding options so you can be clear on what is payable and how this is handled. Learn more about some of the most frequently used funding solutions below.

Funding Options

Affordable ways to fund your legal case.

No Win, No Fee

Funding a case through a No Win, No Fee agreement can prevent any legal costs being payable if it is unsuccessful.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Options include standalone insurance policies and existing policies which may have legal expenses cover built into them.

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Fixed Fees

Funding a case through our affordable, fixed fees.

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Still Need Advice?

If you still have questions about legal funding, why not talk to us? Our friendly, knowledgeable lawyers would be happy to discuss this further with you.

Louis MacWilliam, Head of Immigration at Truth Legal Solicitors