A no win, no fee agreement is a contract between a solicitor and client who is pursuing a civil claim. Usually, the agreement is that if the client is not successful in pursuing their claim, then there are no legal fees for them to pay. No Win, No Fee agreements in employment law are usually different from No Win, No Fee personal injury, clinical negligence or professional negligence claims. At Truth Legal we are honest, open and transparent and we make sure that the client knows exactly what they are agreeing to. There are no hidden clauses and no hidden charges, everything is explained upfront.

What no win, no fee claims can I make?

There are three common areas in which we make no win, no fee claim agreements; these are for:

It is very common to pursue compensation claims in these areas and no win, no fee agreements are also standard in these sectors of the law. At Truth Legal we have specialist solicitors who are experienced, qualified and dedicated to these legal sectors. Our staff can adopt detailed analysis and extend their legal expertise to assess the likely outcome of a potential claim.

Of course, this means that we won’t take a claim on if we don’t think we will win. It would not make sense for us to do otherwise, and this demonstrates our honesty to you.

Our no win, no fee pledge

We will usually only offer a no win, no fee agreement if, after analysing all the information available, we believe that you have a strong case and are likely to win, and that there is an opponent or insurer who is likely to make payment. However, we will usually withdraw the no win, no fee agreement if the prospects of success reduce, or it is found that the claimant has been dishonest or unreasonable. In these circumstances Truth Legal can terminate the no win, no fee agreement and bill the client for the work already undertaken.

It should be stressed that it is very rare for this scenario to be activated and Truth Legal, as ethical and responsible solicitors, uses sound judgement in assessing cases and therefore accepting them on a no win, no fee basis.

Specialist no win, no fee solicitors at Truth Legal

Based at our offices in Harrogate and Leeds, we have qualified expertise in most legal sectors with regards to no win, no fee claims, and we have an unrivalled track record in selecting successful claims to pursue on this basis.

We adopt a sympathetic approach to your injuries, distress and/or employment issues, but act professionally and honestly in making realistic assessments and in offering no win, no fee agreements. Contact us today to talk about no win, no fee agreements and we can book an initial consultation with you straight away.

Whatever your financial situation, a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement is usually the best way to fund a claim for personal injury, clinical negligence or industrial disease, though some Legal Expenses Insurance funding might be appropriate too.

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