Truth Legal and Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) are committed to working together to establish a mutually beneficial long-term working relationship.

Our aim is to support the PCU by offering our legal services to union members. We offer the PCU officers and elected representatives legal assistance at cost price

Services to PCU members

We offer preferential No Win, No Fee agreements in personal injury, clinical negligence and professional negligence claims. We also offer some No Win, No Fee employment law representation at reduced rates to PCU members. Reduced rates are also offered to non-No Win, No Fee work.

Services to PCU family members

We offer our usual services at favourable (but not as preferential as PCU members enjoy) to family members of PCU members.

About the PCU

The PCU was founded in 2016 and is committed to standing up for therapists and the future of therapy. They aim to bring together counsellors, psychotherapists and other practitioners on an equal basis, supporting those that are discriminated against and campaigning for therapy reforms.

You can find out more about PCU here:

How Truth Legal Supports the PCU

Our law firm is founded on ethical and honest values. We believe that no-one should be discriminated against and access to justice should be readily available. Our partnership with the PCU allows us to help and support union members that require legal advice from a trusted source, at a reduced rate.

Truth Legal is sympathetic to the Trade Union movement and there are several members of our legal team that are closely affiliated with the GMB, a trade union with over 620,000 members.

Our Specialist Expertise

We handle many complex cases in personal injury, clinical negligence and employment law. We have extensive experience in assaulted at work cases and can readily support any PCU member who may require specialist, confidential expertise from a legal professional they can trust.

We represent clients all over the UK and our head office is in Harrogate.

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