Our experienced solicitors are specialists in Business Immigration. Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, small or large, we can help you to navigate the complexities of hiring workers from outside the UK.

We understand the challenges UK businesses are currently facing with recruiting and retaining employees. Our expert team can help you with all aspects of the sponsorship process to help relieve these pressures and aid business growth. We can advise you on a multitude of areas including which occupations you can sponsor, and how to ensure you are complying with international recruitment laws.

At Truth Legal, we don’t just offer standard advice. We will get to know your business so that we can tailor our support to your exact situation. With our affordable yet expert advice, you will have a clear idea of your options and potential issues you may encounter before making an immigration application.

We also take an ethical approach. As a result, you will receive legal support that will help you to retain any sponsored employees for as long as you require.

If you need general employment law advice relating to either sponsored or non-sponsored employees, our experienced employment team are here to help.

Our full range of Business Immigration services include:

Immigration Associations

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We are also proud to be an official supplier for the National Care Association.

Furthermore, as we do not solely specialise in immigration for businesses, our breadth of knowledge allows us to find routes for employees under a non-business route.

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