Truth Legal’s Immigration Solicitors Help to Reunite a Loving Couple Just in Time for Christmas

July 20 2022,

July 20 2022,

It’s often said that true love knows no boundaries – but when one of those boundaries is UK immigration control, a helping hand never hurts!

Truth Legal was recently instructed in a visa application by a loving couple – separated halfway around the world from each other – trying to make a life together in the UK.

Their story

The couple, whom we shall unoriginally refer to as John* and Jane,* had met 7 years ago, whilst both studying at university in England. Jane is British, but John is a Singaporean citizen and his family lives in India. So, when they graduated and John’s student visa expired, he returned to India and the couple were separated.

The following year, however, John returned to the UK to study for a master’s degree, and he deliberately chose the closest university as possible to where Jane was living. For the duration of his course they were reunited. They travelled the world together, going on holiday to various places at different times, including Singapore and India so that Jane could meet John’s family.

When John completed his master’s degree in 2018, his second student visa expired and he was once again required to leave the UK.  He lived for a time in Singapore, but the couple visited each other as often as they could.

Shortly after one of these visits in February 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck. With international travel severely restricted all around the world, they were now unable to see each other in person, and with no idea of when this might change.

For over a year, they stayed in contact remotely, until a long-awaited reunion could at last take place in April 2021. Five months later, John proposed. You can probably guess what Jane’s answer was!

It was shortly after the proposal that John and Jane contacted Truth Legal – to break the cycle of meetings and partings, and to find a way to stay together in the United Kingdom.

How did Truth Legal help?

When Michelle Lee, a specialist immigration solicitor at Truth Legal, heard John and Jane’s story, she quickly identified that the best application for the couple to make would be an Application for Entry Clearance as a Partner, specifically as a fiancé, under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules.

Michelle then guided the couple through the application form and the process, advising them on how to make the application as strong as possible. She highlighted key pieces of evidence in their shared history, to emphasise to the Home Office how the couple met the required criteria for a successful application.

A few days before Christmas, the couple had some good news! John said of Michelle’s help:

“Both me and my fiancée had a lot of questions and everything was answered. No stone was left unturned. Michelle is a good listener who is professional, empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. Michelle knows the ins and outs of the visa process and with her help, our application was successful!”

As the application was approved just in time for Christmas, John was able to travel over to the UK and the couple could spend the festive season together. The couple plan to get married early this year and all of us at Truth Legal wish them every happiness!

Michelle had this to say about the case:

“What a privilege to have played a part in securing John and Jane’s future together in the UK.

Partner visas are a real minefield of complex requirements, and even minor gaps in evidence can be fatal for an application. Part of the service we offer at Truth Legal is a thorough review of evidence, which helps to take some of the stress out of applications like John and Jane’s.

I’m delighted for the couple, and wish them a happy wedding day in a couple of months’ time.”

Could you use our help with an immigration matter?

Immigration matters can be very complicated and, without specialist knowledge of the different forms and processes, even choosing which application to make can sometimes be difficult. If you would like assistance from our experienced immigration solicitors, please get in touch with us.

*All names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of our client

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