The UK’s visa offering to business-minded individuals continues to undergo significant change.

The old Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Intra-Company Transfer and Representative of an Overseas Business routes have all been closed, and substituted with Innovator/Start-Up, Senior/Specialist Worker, and UK Expansion Worker visas.

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The Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur route was replaced by the Start-up visa and Tier 1 Entrepreneur was replaced by the Innovator visa.

Truth Legal can advise on the best options for your business needs, whether that’s one of the routes mentioned here, something not mentioned here, or a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence.

If you are looking to establish a UK branch or subsidiary, a Global Business Mobility sponsor licence might be the way to go.  Launched in 2022, this relatively new route allows an overseas business to send up to five workers to the UK to commence operations here.

The immigration Team at Truth Legal is at the forefront of advising people on the most appropriate route, tailored to their business and personal needs.

Business Visitor visa

But first, it is worth remembering that individuals looking to come to the UK to undertake short-term general business activities may be able to come to the UK under a General Visitor visa.

General business activities include attending meetings, conferences, seminars and interviews.

Under this visa, businesspeople can also undertake what are called ‘intra-corporate activities’.  This involves an employee of an overseas company undertaking activities on a specific internal project with UK employees of the same corporate group.

Further information regarding Visitor visas is available here.


The Start-up route is for individuals looking to establish a new business for the first time in the UK.

Individuals will need to show they have a business which is ‘innovative’, ‘viable’ and ‘scalable’.  You will need to be endorsed by a trusted UK body before you can apply for a visa.   The endorsing bodies tend to be universities or business accelerators and incubators.

The visa is granted for two years.  At the end of those two years the individual is expected to switch into the Innovator category, or some other category.

Unlike with its Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur predecessor, Applicants do not need to secure any initial funding.


The Innovator visa is aimed at more experienced businesspeople.  Applicants will normally need to have £50,000 to invest in their business.

Individuals will need to be endorsed by an endorsing body before they can apply for a visa.  The endorsing body will assess the business for innovation, viability and scalability.

Applicants are granted a three-year visa under this category which can be extended indefinitely.   This category leads to settlement.

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