Medical misdiagnosis is one type of clinical negligence. Misdiagnosis is diagnosing something incorrectly which has a life changing effect on you. This could be misdiagnosing cancer, epilepsy, IBS, a miscarriage, etc. It could also be diagnosing you with something you don’t actually have. Experiencing any of these negative effects may give rise to a misdiagnosis compensation claim.

A delayed diagnosis can also cause serious harm. If delays by a healthcare professional have resulted in missing the opportunity for optimal treatment of your condition (or even the ability to treat it at all), you may be entitled to compensation.

During these stressful times, you need someone to rely on for answers and support. We can help to figure out what went wrong and get compensation to help you with your future.

Serious consequences of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis

When diagnosis is delayed, you may not get the treatment you need in time which could have serious consequences. If this has happened to you, we will do our best to make the situation better and bring you justice.

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Why make your claim with Truth Legal?

It is important to instruct specialist clinical negligence solicitors to act on your behalf when making a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis claim.

The legal issues involved can be complicated, and you need to be sure that your lawyers have the expertise to handle them correctly.

At Truth Legal, we can offer:

  • Specialist technical knowledge and experience – so you can rest assured that your case is in the best hands.
  • Practical advice – tailored to your situation.
  • Strong representation – fighting for the compensation and outcome you deserve.
  • Support and compassion – friendly, knowledgeable professionals on your side through a difficult time.
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