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Injuries sustained on a plane

In the post-pandemic world, more and more people are taking business trips and holidays again. And although air travel is considered one of the safest ways to get around, injuries are always possible when catching a flight.

Some examples of situations which might cause injuries on a plane include:

  • Loose items falling from overhead lockers
  • Defective seats
  • Bad landings or turbulence
  • Slips, trips, and falls whilst on the plane or embarking/disembarking
  • Spillages of hot food or drinks
  • Careless handling of on-board refreshment trolleys
  • Crashes (whether on the ground or whilst airborne)
  • Assaults
  • Accidents during transit to or from the airport terminal

Making a plane injury claim

For international flights, the legal basis for making a plane injury claim is usually the Montreal Convention 1999. This can cover compensation claims for injuries or death resulting from accidents which occurred on the aircraft or when embarking or disembarking from the aircraft.

However, some countries have not signed up to the Montreal Convention. If at least one of the countries you are flying from or to is not a signatory to the Convention, then there are complicated rules which govern what legal framework should apply.

Additionally, the Montreal Convention only applies to international flights. If you were injured on a domestic flight within the UK (i.e. where both your destination and departure airports are in the UK) then it will be the law of England and Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland which will apply, depending on your circumstances.

Similarly, a domestic flight which you caught abroad (such as a flight between locations within the USA) will fall under the jurisdiction of that country’s legal system.

How all of these different systems operate can be confusing. If you would like clear advice on your legal position, get in touch with us to discuss this.

Making a plane injury claim as cabin crew

If you are a member of cabin crew and you were injured on a plane, you may also be able to claim compensation for your injuries.

Based on your circumstances, you might have grounds to make a claim through the processes outlined above, or – because you were working at the time – you may be able to make an accident at work claim or an assault at work against your employer.

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How long will I have to make a claim?

It is important to note that under the Montreal Convention, you have up to 2 years in which to bring a personal injury claim. This will run from the date on which your flight arrived (or ought to have arrived) at its destination.

This is a tight deadline, and there is no possibility for allowing claims which are made beyond the time limit. This means it is crucial that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible if you are even considering a claim.

Why should I choose Truth Legal?

Our highly experienced personal injury lawyers hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism – delivering legal expertise through an attentive service.

We offer:

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  • Practical advice – tailored to your situation.
  • Strong representation – fighting for the compensation and outcome you deserve.
  • Support and compassion – friendly, knowledgeable professionals on your side through a difficult time.

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