£30,000 in compensation for member of cabin crew

June 12 2023,

June 12 2023,

Magda* was involved in an accident at work whilst she was carrying out her duties as a senior member of cabin crew on a flight operated by one of the largest airlines operating in the United Kingdom. Magda and her colleagues were commencing preparations for the drinks service during the flight.  Magda attempted to retrieve a box of snacks which had been incorrectly stored in a metal container and as Magda attempted to remove the box from the container she sustained an injury to her right arm and lower back.


Unfortunately Magda had symptoms in her arm for several years requiring time off work and multiple investigations including MRI scans and nerve conduction studies.  Magda underwent ulna nerve decompression surgery and required physiotherapy treatment.

Truth Legal’s involvement

Magda contacted Truth Legal after her accident and was connected with Georgina Parkin who initially had conduct of Magda’s claim and secured a full admission of liability from Magda’s employer.  Magda’s claim was concluded by Catherine Reynolds, Head of Personal Injury who secured compensation for Magda’s pain suffering and loss of amenity caused by her injuries and compensation for her loss of income.  In addition, Magda received compensation for the care and assistance her family provided her with and treatment costs.

If you have been injured as a result of an aviation accident, contact Truth Legal for a no-obligation free consultation.

*name changed to maintain confidentiality.

£30,000 in compensation for member of cabin crew
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