Cyclist injured by a car awarded £40,000 in compensation

February 27 2024,

February 27 2024,

When a cyclist was injured by a car turning suddenly across his path, Truth Legal helped him to recover £40,000 in personal injury compensation.

No time to react

One afternoon, Zev was cycling down a main road, following it round as it bent to the right. When suddenly a car, which had been driving on the opposite side of the road, turned right to go down a side street and cut across Zev’s path. There was no time for Zev to brake or swerve and in an instant he had collided with the passenger side of the car. He was thrown from his bike and the left side of his face and body hit the car.

The first thing Zev remembered after the collision was being attended to by paramedics. They took him to hospital by ambulance.

Zev’s injuries

Zev had been travelling at around 18mph at the time when the other car cut in front of him. His injuries were extensive. He sustained:

  • A fracture to his face
  • A cut over his left eye and bruising, which caused nerve damage and numbness
  • Cracked ribs
  • Cuts and bruising to his left hand, forearm, and to both of his legs
  • Damage to his teeth, including the loss of one of his front teeth

Making a claim with Truth Legal

Shortly after the accident, Zev made contact with Truth Legal and discussed his situation with Catherine Reynolds. After their consultation, he instructed her that he wished to make a personal injury claim for his cycling accident.

Catherine began investigating, tracing the car driver’s insurance company, requesting any details of the incident which the police had, and obtaining Zev’s GP and hospital records in preparation for the medical reports which would document his injuries.

Catherine also sent a Letter of Claim to the driver’s insurers, to inform them of Zev’s claim and provide the initial details. Their response confirmed that they admitted full liability for the collision.

Later effects of the accident

Over the course of the claim, reports were requested from various independent medical experts to assess Zev’s injuries and set out the effects they’d had on his life.

To fix the dental damage he’d suffered in the accident, Zev needed several more teeth removing and dental implants to be fitted. He continued to suffer from numbness in his teeth and gums and, in the opinion of the Oral Maxillofacial Consultant instructed to assess him, this was likely to be a permanent consequence of the accident.

Zev experienced reduced airflow through his nose when breathing, and it was the opinion of the Consultant ENT Surgeon who saw him, that this had likely been caused by a fracture or displacement of the nasal septum due to the accident. He recommended Zev underwent surgery on his nose to resolve the issue.

The accident also had a psychological impact. Cycling was a hobby for Zev, as well as a way to maintain fitness and a means of transport to work. But following the accident he experienced anxiety and nervousness whilst riding his bike, and whilst driving. He also suffered from distressing nightmares about the accident and noticed a level of general anxiousness which hadn’t been there before.

He was also self-consciousness and embarrassed of the injuries to his face following the accident.

Losses besides his injuries

Zev worked in a very physical job and had to take several days off work after his injury, with a few weeks on lighter duties after that. He missed out on some of the wages he would have earned during this time so Catherine included this loss of earnings in his claim.

Given the forces involved in the collision, Zev’s bike was damaged beyond repair. His helmet was also damaged and needed replacing. Catherine included the losses for these items in the claim, as well as the considerable dental treatment costs Zev had incurred in resolving the damage to his teeth.

Offers to settle

After submitting all evidence to the car driver’s insurers – and after negotiations – Zev was pleased to accept the insurers’ offer of £40,000 to settle his claim.

Have you been knocked off your bike by someone else?

If you have been injured when out on your bike, and it was because of another road-user, you may be able to claim compensation.

To find out more about your rights, have a look at our page dedicated to cycling accident claims. Or you can get in contact with us, to discuss your situation with one of our expert personal injury lawyers.

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