£20,000 Compensation for Assault While Employed at one of UK’s Largest Car Park Companies

August 10 2023,

August 10 2023,

Jeremiah* was employed by one of the UK’s largest car park companies. His daily responsibilities included ensuring that only paying customers used the car park and his employers expected him to ask non-paying visitors to leave. In response to being asked to leave, a member of the public viciously and without warning attacked Jeremiah whilst he was working alone. Following a scuffle, he managed to get away into a nearby shop to call for assistance, and his assailant was later arrested and charged.

He suffered from a human bite wound on his back and finger, head injury, soft tissue injuries and bruising to various parts of his body. He also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Jeremiah contacted Truth Legal to take on his case. His claim was submitted to his employer’s insurers who refused to accept liability for the assault, despite them failing to provide him with a safe place and safe system of work.

Lucy gathered Jeremiah’s medical evidence and financial losses. These included a claim for past loss of earnings as Jeremiah left his role with his employer and was unable to find new employment for over a year as a result of his PTSD symptoms, for which he was recommended to attend 12 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy to aid his recovery.

The case was strongly defended for three years before Lucy Culpin issued his claim with Court. Lucy was determined to seek justice for her client and continued to argue the case up until a trial date was received. As the case proceeded towards trial, Lucy secured an out of court settlement of £20,000 for Jeremiah.

If you have suffered from an assault at work and you think that your employer was at fault, Truth Legal may be able to help you to claim compensation.

*name changed to maintain confidentiality

£20,000 Compensation for Assault While Employed at one of UK’s Largest Car Park Companies
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