Truth Legal recovers £30,000 for man hit by falling equipment at work

June 6 2023,

June 6 2023,

Steve* was helping to unload heavy lighting equipment in boxes from a truck, something he had done countless times before. In a lapse of concentration his colleague above him dropped a box of lighting equipment onto Steve, hitting him on the back of the head. He was knocked out and fell forwards striking his head on the tines of a forklift truck. Steve was rushed to hospital.

After the accident Steve came to Truth Legal seeking compensation. The personal injury team at Truth Legal promptly made contact with the employer and their insurer and extracted an early admission of liability.

After that the team obtained medical evidence for Steve, in the form of a report by a consultant neurologist revealing amongst other things a mild traumatic brain injury; and a report by a consultant psychiatrist which revealed moderately severed PTSD necessitating treatment in the form of CBT.

The team also compiled a schedule of Steve’s financial losses including lost income and out of pocket expenses.

With the help of Tim and the personal injury team at Truth Legal, his employer’s insurer agreed to pay Steve £30,000 in compensation.

If you have suffered an accident at work and you think your employer may have been at fault, Truth Legal may be able to help you recover compensation.

*identity changed to maintain confidentiality

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