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Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Sponsor Licence

Specialist advice on applying for or managing a Sponsor Licence.

Rated Excellent on TrustPilot
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Skilled Worker Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

Skilled Worker (Tier 2) Sponsor Licence

Specialist advice on applying for or managing a Sponsor Licence.

Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

Sponsoring foreign national workers can be highly cost effective for your business when done well. At Truth Legal, we’re not just about getting the licence; we aim to cultivate a close partnership with you, ensuring that sponsorship seamlessly integrates into your business.

Our team comprises genuine sponsor license specialists, offering effective support at a more affordable rate than most competitors. Our reviews speak volumes. Arrange a free consultation, and we’ll promptly send you our costs for your consideration.

At Truth Legal, our dedicated and experienced team of immigration solicitors has assisted numerous businesses in obtaining a Skilled Worker (previously known as a Tier 2) Sponsor Licence to sponsor overseas workers.

While other organisations, many of which are not regulated solicitors, may handle the basics of submitting the licence application, they often leave you in the dark about how sponsorship truly works, exposing you to long-term vulnerability. At Truth Legal, we take the time to ensure you enter into sponsorship with a full understanding of how it works and the responsibilities associated with holding a licence.

Our ethical approach not only secures the future of your business but also considers long-term goals. Our expertise in employment law enables us to maintain employee satisfaction, ensuring sponsored employees remain loyal to your company.

How we can help?

Detailed consultation

We conduct a detailed consultation to ensure you fully understand the sponsorship process and licence duties. You’ll receive a tailored advice letter and our Quick Reference Guide to sponsor licence compliance.

Preparing your licence application

We prepare a robust licence application, advising you on required documentation, drafting a detailed cover letter outlining your business case, and setting up your online application. Typically, we can turn an application around within a week, provided you promptly provide the required documentation.

Help sponsoring individuals

After obtaining your licence, we guide you through applying for certificate(s) of sponsorship and assigning them to individuals. Additionally, we offer end-to-end services, advising and assisting the sponsored individual with their visa application.

Compliance support

As an optional service, we can prepare a specific compliance report to accompany the licence application, potentially avoiding audits and ensuring your HR systems are in place from the outset. Our ‘mock-audit’ service reviews existing HR systems, providing detailed feedback to ensure HR compliance with sponsor licence requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?2023-11-13T10:49:58+00:00

The sponsor licence costs £536 for small businesses or £1,476 for medium/large businesses. Our fee for assisting with the licence application is available upon request after a free initial consultation.

Additional costs apply when sponsoring an individual:

  • 1 certificate of sponsorship = £239 (one-off fee per sponsored person)
  • Immigration Skills Charge = £364 (small employer) or £1,000 (medium/large employer) per year, per person, payable upfront.

Individuals also have visa fees, which are their responsibility.

You can read more in our blog ‘Sponsor licence costs – everything you need to know’.

Do I REALLY need a lawyer?2023-11-13T10:50:41+00:00

While you can apply for a licence without support, be warned that it requires close attention to detail and a significant time investment. Our support ensures a robust application and the correct HR systems, saving you money in the long run.

If you want to apply on your own, check out our detailed legal guide – taking you step-by-step through the process (we genuinely don’t hold back and give away years of combined knowledge for free). Or check out our video by Head of Immigration, Louis.

How long does it take?2023-11-13T10:51:21+00:00

Standard processing time is up to 8 weeks, with priority processing available for 2 weeks at an extra charge. Additional processing time often applies for a ‘defined certificate.’ Visa processing time is up to 3 weeks (outside the UK) or up to 8 weeks (inside the UK), with a priority service available for a fee.

How much do I have to pay my worker?2023-11-13T10:51:54+00:00

The Home Office requires a minimum salary for sponsored workers, varying by job code. Recovery of some fees paid for the sponsored worker is possible, excluding the Immigration Skills Charge. This is a complicated area and we go into this in more detail in this blog.

Can I recover costs from the worker?2023-11-13T10:52:31+00:00

Yes, it is possible to recover some fees that you pay in respect of the sponsored worker, although the Immigration Skills Charge cannot be recovered. Check out our blog on this issue.

As an ethical employer ourselves, we are keen to promote ethical practices when it comes to claw back arrangements. If you are recruiting into a care role, check out our blog here.

What are the pros and cons of sponsorship?2023-11-13T10:53:03+00:00

Starting with the positives, a sponsor licence allows access to a broader talent pool. Additionally, sponsored workers can only work for you, enhancing employee retention.

At first glance the costs could be viewed in the negative column. However, we often hear from our clients that the cost of sponsorship is considerably less than the costs that come with trying to source from the domestic market, such as recruiters fees or agency staff.

Sponsorship does require a time commitment in terms of HR, with the amount varying depending on how many individuals you sponsor.

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