Even the most careful and considerate employers can encounter friction with their workers.

When an employee’s conduct has given you cause for concern, it may be appropriate to take disciplinary action. Conversely, if an employee is unhappy with a situation at work, and wants to enter a formal complaint, they might raise a grievance.

Truth Legal can provide your business with clear, practical legal support when facing the prospect of disciplinary or grievance proceedings.

These are difficult situations which often require a good deal of sensitivity to handle correctly. Dealing with them poorly could expose your business to legal action along with the costs, and reputational this may bring. It is therefore crucial to obtain specialist legal assistance from the outset.

Aside from assistance with ongoing proceedings, Truth Legal can also help you to implement strong, legally compliant disciplinary and grievance procedures to avoid difficulties arising in future.

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Disciplinary proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings are started when an employer is unhappy with an employee’s personal or professional conduct. It is usually considered to be the best way for an employer to inform an employee of their disapproval and to set out the steps the employee must take to rectify the situation.

Before commencing formal disciplinary proceedings, it is worth considering whether you can raise the matter informally with your employee instead. You may be able to resolve the issue quickly without the need to escalate matters to disciplinary action.

However, if you are considering disciplinary proceedings against one of your employees, you should seek advice as early as possible so your approach can be guided by employment law experts.

Truth Legal can advise you on making sure that the disciplinary process is fair and lawful, and that you do not compromise your legal position.

Resolving grievances

Receiving a grievance from an employee is a clear sign of discontent and should be handled carefully to avoid the matter spiralling into costly and protracted employment litigation.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as you receive notification of a grievance. Your initial response to the grievance will often prove critical to determining the direction the matter will take. With expert employment law advice, you can plan your strategy accordingly. And it can be more difficult to ‘undo’ earlier missteps than to avoid them in the first place.

Reviewing disciplinary and grievance procedures

If you have employees, grievance and disciplinary procedures are required by law. However, you should also ensure that your business’s procedures are clear, suitable for your organisation, and can be found easily by your employees.

Truth Legal can review and assess your current disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can advise you on how effective and appropriate procedures are a valuable tool for defusing workplace issues and protecting your business from the possibility of expensive Employment Tribunal claims.

Why choose Truth Legal to assist you with disciplinary and grievance matters?

Truth Legal’s expert employment solicitors have the skills and experience to provide ideal support to your business, whether you are setting up disciplinary and grievance procedures or having to use them.

Navya Shekhar, our Head of Employment Law, has over 10 years’ experience and she is ably supported by her team of knowledgeable lawyers.

We provide legal services to employers and employees and we apply the insight gained from working from these different angles to enhance the advice we give to our clients. This can prove invaluable when resolving disputes and anticipating difficulties.

Truth Legal is rated by clients as ‘Excellent’ on both TrustPilot and reviewsolicitors. So you can be sure that whatever employment matter you entrust to us will be in safe hands.

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