If you have suffered harm due to the negligence of the owner or occupier of an area open to the public, you may be eligible to make a public liability claim. 

Truth Legal’s personal injury team specialises in public liability claims. We can help you to claim compensation for your injury and hold the negligent parties to account for the harm they have caused.

What are public liability claims?

The term ‘public liability’ may sound technical, but it really just covers situations where a person or company owes a duty of care to members of the public on their land or premises.

This duty requires that land or premises should be reasonably safe when inviting or allowing members of the public to visit.

For example, supermarket chains invite customers into their shops. They have a duty of care towards their customers to ensure that each shop is safe and as free from hazards as reasonably possible. If they fail to do this – by leaving unattended spillages or trip hazards, for example – and someone is injured, then that person may be able to make a public liability claim against the supermarket.

Occupier’s liability is similar, except the occupier doesn’t have to have legal ownership of the land to be liable. If they are using or controlling the land, they also have the duty to ensure reasonable safety for members of the public who are allowed onto the land.

Trip & Slip Claims

Injuries caused by tripping or slipping happen every day. If you have tripped, slipped or fallen due to a hazard or other unsafe conditions, you could be entitled to compensation if someone else was responsible for keeping that area safe.

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Recent success stories

Truth Legal recovers £50,000 for father of two after accident on family day out

£50,000 Compensation

£275,000 recovered after a serious slip at work

£275,000 Compensation

£11,000 compensation for lady involved in slipping injury at supermarket

£11,000 Compensation

£27,000 in Compensation for a Woman Injured in a Slipping Accident at a Holiday Park

£27,000 Compensation

Why should I make a public liability claim through Truth Legal?

Choosing your legal representatives when making a claim is an important decision. You want to be assured of their experience and expertise, but they must also be people you can trust.

Public liability claims can often rely on complex legal arguments. At Truth Legal, our team of qualified and experienced solicitors have the abilities to recover the compensation you deserve. Over the years, we have brought a number of successful public liability claims and we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality, ethical service to all of our clients.

We offer:

  • Free initial consultations – giving you time to speak to us about your case without any cost or obligation
  • Specialist technical knowledge and experience – so you can rest assured that your case is in the best hands.
  • Practical advice – tailored to your situation.
  • Strong representation – fighting for the compensation and outcome you deserve.
  • Support and compassion – friendly, knowledgeable professionals on your side through a difficult time.

We act for clients nationwide, though we are based in Harrogate and Leeds, with a presence in York and London.

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