About Gary Warriner

Gary is head of the clinical negligence department at Truth Legal.

He has been helping victims of clinical negligence, accidents, industrial disease and defective products for over 35 years.

He was a partner in a Leeds city centre firm, heading their personal injury department, before spending 10 years running his own specialist personal injury and clinical negligence firm in North Yorkshire.

He has successfully concluded a number of high value cases involving brain injury, errors in plastic surgery, failures to diagnose correctly, cases involving loss of sight, gastrointestinal injury, failures and delays in diagnosing cancer, cardiac injury, amputation complications, claims involving death, failures to diagnose, psychiatric injury and errors in dental treatment.


My wide range of experience helps me to understand my client’s needs quickly. My aim is always to support and give impeccable service to each client and help them get their lives back on track. I like to involve clients in the claim process as this is often the first time they receive an explanation as to what has happened to them.

Notable cases:

  • Failure by hospital to recall 52 year old man following discharge home with an indwelling catheter. Failure resulted in him developing a severe urinary tract infection, the loss of a testicle, lifelong need for a catheter and ongoing severe pain preventing him from being able to return to employment. £600,000 recovered.
  • Unnecessary hysterectomy following examinations by consultant gynaecologist without an interpreter present and without conservative measures being offered to a 35 year old non- English speaking woman.  £65,000 recovered.
  • Failure by hospital labour ward to re catheterise 31 year old woman who was in urinary retention following childbirth. This led to her having to self catheterise for life, suffering frequent urinary tract infections affecting her ability to do her job. £500,000 recovered.
  • Failure by hospital and four GPs to diagnose bilateral haematomas in 45 year old man following an assault causing bilateral optic atrophy, brain injury and depression. Causation remained in dispute. £675,000 recovered.
  • Failure by hospital staff to diagnose a developing Cauda Equina Syndrome in a 46 year old Czech man who spoke very limited English. Negligence caused incontinence and loss of sexual sensation. Liability and causation disputed. £200,000 recovered.
  • Use of hypotensive anaesthetic technique in 64 year old man during orthopaedic surgery which led to prolonged low blood pressure causing near total blindness. Agreed 50/50 chances on liability and causation. £1900,000 recovered.
  • Breast reduction surgery for 49 year old woman that failed disastrously. No warnings of risk of failure were given. £40,000 recovered.
  • Failure by hospital and GP to control glaucoma medication in 72 year old man resulting in almost total blindness in one eye and severe impairment in the other without possibility of improvement. £150,000 recovered.
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