At Truth Legal, we are proud be an official National Care Association supplier and we dedicate a large proportion of our time to assist care providers with sponsorship.

We know that companies providing care are as diverse as the people they support. Whether you provide domiciliary care, supported living, residential care, a combination of the above or something in between, we can help you to fulfil your sponsorship goals.

Our expert team can help you with:

  • Common issues faced by care providers in the sponsorship process
  • Which occupations you can sponsor
  • How to demonstrate to the Home Office that your vacancy is genuine
  • The minimum salary you must pay sponsored employees
  • How to apply for a Sponsor Licence
  • How to maintain a Sponsor Licence
  • Visa applications including Health and Care Worker visas
  • How to comply with your Sponsor Licence duties and responsibilities

Our wealth of experience in the care sector means that we understand the unique pressures faced by businesses who provide care and the potential obstacles you might face when recruiting international employees.

At Truth Legal, you can be sure that we are on your side. We take pride in standing with care providers to improve immigration policies and legislation by being an active member of the National Care Association and exhibiting at the UK Care Week Event.

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Our cost-effective and comprehensive advice will be adapted to the needs of your business, and we offer a flexible stage-by-stage approach. You only need to pay for the stages you need, and we will always be transparent about any costs associated with the sponsorship process.

Roles we can help you to sponsor:

  • Care assistant
  • Care worker
  • Carer
  • Home care assistant
  • Home carer
  • Support worker (nursing home)
  • Nurse

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