Within local schools and the wider community.

At Truth Legal community is everything. This includes our own team of staff and internal resources upon which we depend and on which our success is based, but it also includes our wider community. Many of our clients are local people and we pride ourselves on being an important part of the fabric of our community. We thrive on being a public service to our people and a vital and accessible legal resource they can rely on in their hour of need.

For that reason we have a natural urge to get involved in our local community, and to give something back. It helps us maintain a degree of trust from our public, it helps us understand the needs and difficulties faced by people in our immediate area, so that we can properly represent them, and we recognise the importance of offering practical resources to the local community.

Willow Tree Basketball Team, sponsoring by Truth Legal
Willow tree

Our work in local schools

Our work in local schools is therefore central to our community-focused ethos. We get direct benefit from this because the families of our staff and clients attend these schools, but also a thriving education system enriches the local community and helps to establish and maintain a positive, cohesive and sustainable society.

Throughout 2020 we have been sponsoring the basketball team at our local primary school Willow Tree Community Primary School. Basketball was proving to be a really popular sport at the school, but was in danger of having to be stopped. The intervention of Truth Legal enabled a more robust programme to be set up and now the children are enjoying first class quality training and the obvious health benefits, but are also learning about discipline, teamwork and focus.

Truth Legal also took part in various fundraising events and made a critical donation towards the refurbishment of the swimming pool at Willow Tree. The school were unable to use the pool for 18 months due to an expensive repair bill, but Truth Legal teamed up with other local businesses to foot the repair bill and open the resource back up to the local children.

Providing free resources to our community

At Truth Legal we also recognise the needs of older school children, and even school leavers who are finding their feet in a difficult jobs market. Over the course of 2020 we have developed and hosted a series of live, free webinars, where high school students and school leavers can learn about specific legal issues to help with their studies or open their eyes to possible career opportunities. The webinars have proved extremely popular and we have received some great feedback from both students and parents.

We continue to recognise our role in the community as a respected and trusted local business by investing in local people with important donations, but also with our time and knowledge, as we strive to make our local community a progressive and enriched place for people to live, work and study.

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