We’re delighted to have had a successful trial run of our Law Webinars for Aspiring Lawyers!

In June, we hosted our first webinar which invited students to look at the laws around how people can become British and discuss the Shamima Begum case. In addition, we provided students with a useful roadmap into law. Hosted by our immigration solicitor, Louis MacWilliam, the webinar was a great success with over 30 attendees.

Free Law Webinars by Truth Legal

Not long after this, we also hosted another webinar, this time presented by Andrew Gray, solicitor & founder of Truth Legal. This webinar was about the Gay Cake case & invited students to look at the laws around human rights and discrimination, plus offered essential advice for how to get a job in law.

Both webinars promptly sold out and we hosted the same webinars for a second time in July, giving more law students an opportunity to join in. We sent out preparation emails to each student giving them tips and advice for how they could benefit most from the session, plus each student that attended was provided with a digital Truth Legal certificate.


The feedback we have received from both webinars has been great & our solicitors have certainly enjoyed hosting them! Read some of the student comments below & watch the recorded sessions…

Shamima Begum Case Webinar

“I thought that the session was informative and interesting. I learnt a lot I didn’t know before. The session could have potentially of had a booklet to fill in as we were going rather than a sheet to complete after just to make the session more interactive.”

Yr12 St Aidans Leeds/Harrogate

“I found this session through one of the teachers at my school’s suggestions, as well as seeing it on Eventbrite. It was very useful as it gave me an insight into some different areas of civil law as well as giving me an idea of how to look at a case critical and extract important details.”

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

“The session was extremely useful in allowing me to understand and research more about the complexities of British citizenship law. Being of dual nationality myself, it was very interesting to understand what makes a British person British, legally, and how to gain citizenship/naturalisation/settled status if from another country. I liked how a lot of the session went through the several laws necessary to gain citizenship, lose citizenship, as well as going through the arguments of each side and the final judgements. I learnt a lot and it was very very informative. In the future, I would love more of these sessions!”

Yr12 St Aidans Harrogate

The session was very informative and interesting in terms of giving me some insight into Citizenship law which I have not really looked into before. It has definitely been useful in opening up a possible route to go into in terms of what areas I choose to study in a law apprenticeship. In addition, it was useful to have the different routes of getting into a career in law explained by someone who has finished a law degree and is moving onto the next stage. In terms of how you could improve with future sessions there isn’t much I can think of as I found it informative and clear.

St Aidan’s CE High School (St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form)

I found the session to be a very useful insight into Law and how a legal case is argued. I have spent time reading about what it is like to study/practice law with books such as ‘The Secret Barrister’ and ‘Letters to a Law Student’ but none of them have been as successful in allowing me to experience what it is like to practice law than the Shamima Begum and Gay Cake Case webinar sessions.

Year 12 at St Aidan’s and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form, Harrogate

I found the session extremely interesting, as I had not previously studied this area of law so I found the experience of being exposed to it invaluable.

Year 12 at Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate in York.

Gay Cake Case Webinar

“Personally, I found the session extremely useful in allowing me to learn more about law and different parts of the law that I haven’t specifically looked into or even thought about! It allowed me to test my interest in the profession and understand if how society is centralised around the law and how it is ever-changing. I also liked how the speakers didn’t talk to us as if we were children, but simplified the subjects enough so that we didn’t feel out of depth or confused. In the future, it would no doubt be very interesting to see similar sessions on other aspects of the law in order to broaden our horizons more.”

Yr12 St Aidans Harrogate

“Found the session really useful; I’ve reached a point of narrowing down what I want to study at university and found the session really inspiring. I couldn’t suggest a way to improve it as I think the somewhat candid nature of the session made it really easy to engage with and the advice given throughout has helped me to solidify my decision to study law at university.”

Year 12 Aidans and Fishers sixth form

“I really enjoyed the webinar. I liked that we could ask questions throughout about anything.”

Currently studying A-levels at St Aidans Sixth Form

“I found the session to be extremely interesting- I found it useful to explore the complexity of the case and how the Supreme Court distinguished between discrimination based on sexual orientation and religious beliefs.”

Year 12 at Queen Ethelburga’s collegiate in York.

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