If you are a business in the hospitality sector and want to sponsor workers from outside the UK, our expert immigration team can help. We have helped numerous restaurants, takeaway outlets and cafes to get ahead of the competition by sourcing staff from overseas.

Our experience with businesses in the hospitality sector means that we understand the pressures you may be facing with recruiting and retaining staff. We can also identify and mitigate any risks to your sponsorship plans, as we have extensive knowledge of what actually works.

Our expert team can help you with:

  • Common issues faced by food establishments in the sponsorship process
  • Which occupations you can sponsor
  • How to demonstrate to the Home Office that your vacancy is genuine
  • The minimum salary you must pay sponsored employees
  • How to apply for a Sponsor Licence
  • How to maintain a Sponsor Licence
  • Visa applications for individuals being sponsored
  • How to comply with your Sponsor Licence duties and responsibilities

Our cost-effective and comprehensive advice will be adapted to the needs of your business, and we offer a flexible stage-by-stage approach. You only need to pay for the stages you need, and we will always be transparent about any costs associated with the sponsorship process.

Roles we can help you to sponsor:

  • Catering and bar managers
  • Chefs (Head chef, Sous chef, Chef de Partie, Chef-manager and Pastry Chef)
  • Restaurant and catering establishment managers
  • Hotel and accommodation managers

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