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Applications for Family Members

Expert immigration lawyers to support you with your family member visa application.

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Applications for Family Members

Expert immigration lawyers to support you with your family member visa application.

Rated Excellent on TrustPilot

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Truth Legal are here to assist in the process of visa applications for family members. Our team of specialist immigration lawyers have extensive experience in applying for visas to reunite couples and family members in the UK.

Family-based visa applications can be complex and the system difficult to navigate. Failure to provide ‘specified documents’ will likely lead to a refusal to your family visa application.

Truth Legal’s immigration team will make sure you are adequately prepared with everything you need for your visa application. We will support you from start to finish, until you are holding that visa in your hand.

Our team of specialist immigration lawyers can assist with all family member applications, including spouses, unmarried partners, children, adult dependent relatives, victims of domestic abuse and bereaved partners.


Family-based visas FAQs

What are the specified documents I need for my family visa application?2023-02-06T14:10:22+00:00

The specified documents for a family visa depend on the visa you are applying for. These documents are as follows for the most common family visas:

Spouse, unmarried partner, and civil partner visa

For family based visas there are ‘specified documents’ which must be provided, or else your visa will likely be refused. These include:

  • Financial documents, such as payslips, bank statements, letter from your employer, declaration as to the source of savings
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable

In addition, the following documents are also likely to be needed:

  • Evidence of conversations you have had with your partner during your relationship (phone logs, emails, chat logs, texts, Skype sessions, etc)
  • Photos of you together
  • Tickets from traveling to see, or with each other
  • Tickets from events you attended together
  • Statements from shared bank accounts
  • Receipts from meals together
  • Receipts from gifts you have bought each other

Ancestry Visa

  • Passport
  • Proof you have enough money to support yourself in the UK
  • Proof and result of Tuberculosis screening
  • Birth certificate
  • The birth certificate of the parent and grandparent forming the basis of your application.
  • The marriage certificates of your grandparents (if applicable)
  • Evidence that you’re planning to work in the UK

Dependant children

  • Applicant’s passport
  • In colour photo for a UK visa
  • Original birth certificate
  • Proof of Tuberculosis screening
  • Previous passports
  • Proof of income to show how the dependant will be supported whilst in the UK

Dependant adults

  • Medical evidence showing a physical or mental condition that prohibits them from completing everyday tasks. .
  • Evidence which shows they cannot get this care in their home country
  • Evidence to show the UK sponsor is able to provide requisite care, such as bank statements or proof of stable income.
  • Proof that the UK sponsor is either British or settled in the UK. Family Visit Visas
  • A valid travel document (eg. passport)
  • Proof you have funds to support yourself (eg. bank statements, employment details)
  • Proof of a credible reason to return to the UK once your visa has expired. (eg. an existing job, study, partnership, family connections)

EEA Family Permit 

  • passport
  • Proof of your relationship to your EEA family member (e.g a birth certificate)
  • Proof that you have enough funds to support yourself  without the need for public funds
How long will it take for my family visa to be processed?2023-01-20T15:42:52+00:00

Spouse, unmarried partner, and civil partner visa

Typically 12 weeks, although this can sometimes take longer if fraud is expected or if there are unusual or complex circumstances in your application.

Ancestry Visa

Typically 3 weeks, although this can depend on where you are applying from.

Dependant children

Up to 30 days

Dependant adults

Typically 12 weeks, although this can be extended due to the complexity of these visa types.

Family Visit Visas

Typically between 15 to 30 days.

EEA Family Permit

Typically 15 days.

How much does a family visa application cost?2023-01-20T15:42:04+00:00

The cost of your family visa application will depend on the visa you are applying for. Below are the administration costs of different family-based visas.

Partner visa:  £1,464 from inside the UK and £1,523 from outside the UK.

Ancestry visas: £516

Dependant adult visa: £3,250

Family visit visas: £95

EEA Family permits: Free

Dependant child visa: The cost of a dependant child visa differs according to who the child is dependant on. 

  • Tier 1 visa holders: £608 for family members of exceptionally talented people, £1,878 for family members of entrepreneurs, £1,623 for family members of investors
  • Skilled Worker: £610 (or £464 if the visa is issued for a shortage occupation)
  • Students: £475
  • Temporary Worker: £244
What types of family-based visas are there?2023-01-20T15:41:14+00:00

There is no set definition of a ‘family visa’. There are a number of categories to choose from, so it is important to apply for one that would be best suited to your situation. You can apply for:

  • Spouse, unmarried partner, and civil partner visa
  • Ancestry Visa
  • Dependant children
  • Dependant adults
  • Family Visit Visas
  • EEA Family Permit

If you are unsure the visa that would best suit your circumstances, Truth Legal can help advise and guide you towards the right option.
What type of visa is right for me?

The right visa for you will depend on your personal circumstances. To be able to apply for a specific visa you will need to fulfil certain criteria set out by the Home Office.

Spouse, unmarried partner, and civil partner visa

There are three different kinds of ‘partner visa’ that you can apply for and each has their own requirements.

  • UK Fiancé Visas/Proposed Civil Partner Visas: if want to join their British fiancé or settled partner before marrying in the UK.
  • Spouse Visas: if you are already married to someone with British citizenship or settled status in the UK
  • Civil Partnership Visas: for civil partners of a British citizen or settled person in the UK
  • Unmarried Partner Visas: if you want to join a British or settled long-term partner in the UK

Ancestry Visa

For an ancestry visa, you must be:

  • Over the age of 17
  • A Commonwealth citizen
  • Able to prove a genuine relationship to a UK grandparent
  • Planning to work in the UK
  • Applying from outside the UK

Dependant children

A dependant can be any of the following:

  • Your wife, husband, civil partner, or long-term (two years or more) unmarried partner
  • Your child under the age of 18
  • Your child over the age of 18 (if they are already living in the UK as your dependant). This applies at the time of applying for a visa extension after the expiry of your initial visa. For example, if you have been living with a visa holder in the UK and during this time you have turned 18.

Dependant adults

A dependant adult visa can be complex, and there are a number of elements you will need to prove in order for your application to be successful. You must prove that:

  • The individual in question needs care and help to complete everyday tasks, including personal and household tasks because of disability, illness, or age;
  • The individual is unable to receive this care in the country you live in because it is either unavailable or unaffordable
  • As the person supporting the dependant adult in the UK, you can support, care for, and accommodate the individual for at least five years without claiming public funds
  • The dependant adult is over the age of 18

Family Visit Visas

You must be the relative of an individual currently residing in the UK or with settled status. This is a temporary visa and you are not permitted to work or conduct business, and you must leave once this visa has expired.

EEA Family Permit

You must be a relative, either close or extended, of an EEA national currently residing in the UK. This includes:

  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • Sisters
  • Brothers
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Nieces
  • Nephews
Who is eligible for a UK family visa?2023-01-20T15:40:31+00:00

To qualify for a family-based visa, you must be:

  • The spouse, partner or close relative of a British citizen or settled person
  • The dependant spouse, partner or close relative of a person who has valid entry clearance in the UK
  • The grandchild of a British citizen (who was born in the UK)
  • The family member of a person based in the UK, if you are looking to visit for a temporary period

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What if my Family Visa application is refused?

Family visa applications can be tricky, and may be refused for a number of different reasons. The most common reason for a family visa application being refused are:

  • If the financial requirements for your visa have not been met;
  • If the UK sponsor of the visa does not have appropriate accommodation for the visa applicant;
  • If you have not provided all of the specified documents required for your visa;
  • If you have unspent criminal convictions, or an existing criminal record within a close timeframe to your application;
  • If the Home Office does not believe the relationship to be genuine;
  • If you are not eligible for the visa you have applied for.

At Truth Legal, we understand that receiving a refusal to your family visa application can be incredibly distressing. However, there are still options open to you even after a refusal. Our specialist immigration team can help you to better understand the reasons for your refusal and create a plan to secure a positive decision in the future. Once we assess your circumstances, we can recommend the best next steps.

This may be a new application, appealing the negative decision, applying for administrative or judicial review, or a recommendation to apply for a different kind of family-based visa.

With our team on hand, you can rest assured that Truth Legal immigration solicitors will do everything in our power to secure you a positive outcome and a UK family visa. If you need help and advice on a refused family visa application, call or email us today.

Why choose Truth Legal?

The immigration team has extensive experience helping immigration clients achieve positive outcomes. We are dedicated to our clients, offering exceptional support and specialist knowledge to assist your case.

Truth Legal prides itself on its client care, providing clear and understandable information without jargon: practical advice tailored to your personal circumstances. We understand that immigration matters can be stressful, but we are here to make the process as smooth as possible, right up until you are holding that visa in your hand.


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