The Global Talent visa is designed for exceptionally gifted international individuals working in the fields of academia and research, arts and culture, and digital technology.

This visa option is open to both experts with an established track record in their field (the “exceptional talent” route) as well as to individuals who are very likely to succeed in their chosen area (the “exceptional promise” route).

The Global Talent visa application process includes two key stages: an application to secure endorsement from a relevant institution recognised by the Home Office and the visa application itself.  Receiving your endorsement letter is the key step of the process. A global talent visa specialist will be able to tailor your application to reflect your unique contributions to field.

Global Talent visa holders may be eligible for settlement after 3 or 5 years spent in the UK, depending on whether they had been granted the Exceptional Talent or the Exceptional Promise visa option.

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An experienced UK immigration lawyer will be able to guide you through the Global Talent visa application process and ensure your application meets the stringent requirements set by the endorsing bodies and the Home Office.

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