About Mirek Ksiezarek

Mirek is an experienced paralegal and litigator in employment law. Mirek joined Truth Legal in 2014 and was one of the first employees of the firm.

Mirek previously worked for national trade unions where he was providing employment law advice and was assisting with providing training and information about employment law rights.

Mirek has also run his own business and charity projects, providing employment law advice to local communities and minority groups. Access to justice for all is an important part of Mirek’s job as a legal professional.

Mirek specialises in providing advice about disability discrimination, whistle blowing, pregnancy and maternity discrimination, race discrimination, unfair dismissal, sexual harassment, stress at work claims, constructive dismissal and many more type of claims.

Mirek grew up in Poland where he studied electronic engineering, economics and then psychology. After his studies Mirek moved to the Netherlands for one year. Then in 2002 he moved to London to study English language as his dream was to read and write books in English. Despite not being native English speaker just within few years Mirek acquired fluent level of English and he passed his English GCSE with very good marks. Since then, Mirek qualified in Social Studies via Open University and is currently studying towards qualifications of a solicitor. Despite not yet having full qualifications Mirek has accumulated over 10 years of substantial experience in employment law claims.

Some of Mirek’s successes include:

  • Succeeded with a substantial preliminary hearing about employment status in relation to pregnancy discrimination claim. Our client who was dismissed after reporting her pregnancy had sufficient legal grounds to show that she was an employee (despite the fact that she was employed via an employment agency on allegedly temporary basis). After the preliminary hearing the other side made a settlement offer and £15,000 settlement was achieved.
  • Change course of action of a whistleblowing case previously run by insurance’s lawyers. When the client moved her case to us, she had a settlement offer of £14,000 on a table. Her previous solicitors pressurised her to settle but, in her view, she had good legal grounds not to settle for such sum. Mirek reviewed the case, cooperated with a counsel and then pushed the other side with specific legal arguments and case law. The result was that Mirek achieved for the client over £37,000 of settlement.
  • Several disability discrimination claims. Usually in relation to reasonable adjustments or unfair dismissal arising out of disability. Settlement ranges from around £12,000 to £27,000 and higher.
  • Settlement for a race discrimination claim. The claimant had very little evidence but despite this Mirek achieved £17,000 settlement.
  • Age discrimination settlement of £12,500 for constructive dismissal arising out of age discrimination.

In his free time Mirek enjoy sport activities (cross-fit, running, cycling), visiting historic sites (Mirek is long term member of National Trust), reading literature and philosophy, exploring personal development and psychology.

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Mirek Ksiezarek
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