Compensation for Three Young Lads Injured by Dangerous Driver

October 17 2023,

October 17 2023,

Truth Legal represented three young lads who were the victims of a road traffic accident caused by a dangerous driver.

The three lads and a group of friends were sat on a grass verge with their bikes. They were alongside the pavement of a quiet residential street in a small market town.  Suddenly out of nowhere a Renault Clio driven by a male started to reverse towards the group and mounted the kerb. The car ploughed into the bikes, knocking them into the boys and causing injuries.

The vehicle drove off towards a dead end, then stopped and turned back, mounting the pavement again.  The driver alighted from the vehicle asking if the lads were ok.  Empty bottles of cider could be seen on the car’s passenger seat.  The driver then offered money to repair the damaged bikes if the incident was not reported to the police.

The police were notified, however, although they did not attend the incident right away. As a result, they were unable to ascertain whether the driver had been drunk at the time, though he was later charged with dangerous driving.

A range of nasty injuries

One of the boys, Stephen,* had been crouched down working on the seat of one of the bikes at the time of the collision. During the incident, his knee had become trapped in the car’s wheel arch, causing significant soft-tissue injuries. He also sustained cuts and bruises to his arm.

Michael* had been a little further away from the point of impact, but suffered a crushing injury to his ankle and foot from one of the bikes falling into him.

Paul* had been stationary on his bike when the vehicle knocked into him and sustained a severe crushing injury to his foot.

Lasting effects

The boys had to endure many lasting effects in the months and years that followed the accident. This included ongoing pain and discomfort in affected areas, courses of physiotherapy to assist with their recovery, and psychological symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety. Paul also had to wear a boot for 6 weeks, and to use crutches for 2 months.

Their lives were also affected in other ways, such as having to miss time at school, and being restricted in sports activities and their hobbies – particularly riding their bikes.

Truth Legal’s help

The lads’ parents instructed Truth Legal to help with making personal injury claims.

Truth Legal managed to secure compensation for each of them – with a combined total of over £23,000. And this has put them in good stead to move on from the accident and get on with their lives.

Sarah Wilkinson, an experienced Litigation Executive at Truth Legal who represented the young clients, had this to say about their case:

“It was a great outcome to achieve justice for these young lads who suffered at the hands of a reckless driver.  The accident hugely impacted their lifestyle, including schooling and hobbies.  They suffered significant physical and psychological injuries, and at such an age when they should be out with their friends and enjoying their sporting activities.  Sometimes no amount of money will compensate an injured claimant for their experience when confronted with such a harrowing ordeal, but we will always listen to their needs, support them through the litigation process and ensure they receive the best financial outcome possible.”

Have you been injured by a vehicle?

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, whether as a pedestrian, or a cyclist, you can find out more about making a personal injury claim on our dedicated pages on pedestrian accidents and cycling accidents. Or if you prefer, you can get in contact with us directly to discuss your situation.

*All names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of our client

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