£25,000 in Compensation for Cyclist Injured on a Roundabout

October 19 2023,

October 19 2023,

Truth Legal managed to help a woman secure £25,000 in compensation when she was knocked off her bike at a roundabout by a negligent driver.

Our client’s story

Michelle* was cycling to work when the accident happened. It was a route she had travelled thousands of times before. But this time, as she went round a roundabout, a car turned into her and clipped the back wheel of her bike. She was thrown off and fell heavily in the road.

Michelle suffered multiple injuries; she had hit her face, causing cuts and abrasions and breaking one of her front teeth in half.  She had also suffered a severe cut to her forearm and sustained significant soft tissue injuries to her knee and ribs.

The driver admitted he was at fault straightaway, saying he hadn’t seen her until the last second.

Michelle was taken to hospital where she received treatment, including stitches to the wound on her arm.

Michelle instructs Truth Legal

A week later, Michelle contacted Truth Legal to discuss making a personal injury claim for her cycling accident.

She was put through to Sarah Wilkinson, a highly experienced Litigation Executive in the personal injury department.  Sarah gathered various pieces of evidence, including medical evidence (to support the injuries Michelle had suffered) and proof of the other financial losses which Michelle had experienced following the accident.

The injuries to Michelle’s arm and face resulted in permanent scarring. Her broken tooth also required several visits to the dentist for restorative treatment.

In addition, Michelle suffered with travel anxiety and a lack of confidence when cycling. Therapy was recommended to treat these symptoms, following an expert psychologist’s assessment.

Financial costs from the accident

Michelle’s injuries weren’t the only consequences of the accident. Sarah included a number of financial losses in Michelle’s claim to ensure she was properly compensated for the harm which the accident had caused.

Alongside the pain and suffering for her injuries, Michelle also claimed for:

  • Lost wages from the period when she had been unable to work
  • Damaged items (including her bike which needed repairs, broken glasses, and her damaged high-vis jacket)
  • Costs of her dental treatment
  • Medication and other treatment expenses
  • Care and assistance received from her partner (which covered many daily tasks which she was unable to do because of her injuries)
  • Travel costs for journeys made necessary by the accident

Securing compensation

After a few offers from the driver’s insurance company which were too low, Sarah put forward a counter-offer on Michelle’s behalf to settle the claim. This was accepted, and so Michelle was able to recover compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by her injuries, and many of her additional losses, such as her extensive dental treatment costs.

Thanks to the efforts of Sarah and the personal injury team at Truth Legal, Michelle received £25,000 in compensation.

Have you been injured in a cycling accident?

If you have been injured whilst out on your bike, and it was caused by another road-user’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation.

As you can see from Michelle’s story, the effects on your life from a personal injury can be drastic, and leave you incurring all kinds of knock-on expenses you might not anticipate. Seeking expert legal advice after a road traffic accident can make a huge difference, and offers you the opportunity to avoid being out of pocket because of an accident which wasn’t your fault.

To find out more about your rights to compensation, get in contact with us today.



*All names have been changed to maintain the confidentiality of our client

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