Time Stamped Show Notes:

28s: Number 1: Focus On Your Injury – get yourself better

1min 7s: Number 2: Tell your colleagues you had an accident – make sure people you trust are aware what has happened to you.

1min 35s: Number 3: Make sure your manager knows – follow the protocols in your workplace when you have suffered an injury through no fault of your own

2mins 30s: Number 4: Ensure that somebody records the accident in the accident book and make sure it’s properly recorded!

3mins 20s: Number 5: If you can, get photographs or video of the accident location. Get documentary evidence whilst you can before the area is cleaned up or changed to prevent further accidents.

4mins 6s: Number 6: Involve a reliable colleague – it is important you have someone who is fighting your corner. Make sure your voice is heard in any accident investigation.

4mins 38s: Number 7: This one is very important! You must diarise your symptoms. Record, on paper, phone or tablet, exactly how you feel the accident at work has impacted on your mental and physical health.

5mins 21s: Number 8: Go to the GP or hospital if you need to – make sure the medical experts write down exactly what has happened to you. This can have a huge impact on your case in due course, as well as treatment.

5mins 50s: Number 9: You may need to lodge a grievance if you don’t think the accident has been handled as it should be and the workplace hasn’t become safer. You can contact one of our employment lawyers about this.

6mins 15s: Number 10: This is highly important for bringing your claim – you must record your financial losses and any care and assistance you’ve had.

6mins 59s: Number 11: You may wish to make a subject access request. This is a request to get access to all information your employer may have about you. By doing this, you may find out more about your accident at work.

7mins 45s: Number 12: Obtain a proper personal injury solicitor – someone who has dealt with injuries and accidents like yours before. Accident compensation is hugely complicated. Do not use a claims management company.

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