Time Stamped Show Notes:

38s: Tom Hatley is a financial adviser at Christopher Little & Co in Otley. You have to have a diploma in regulated financial planning to be a financial adviser. Tom can also advise people who need long term care.

1min 50s: Why use you? We’re the best! We give honest, clear advice to our clients and we also give a free consultation. Tom has spent 7 years in this job and 3 years previously as a paraplanner.

2min 33s: How can you protect your clients from unemployment? We get to know the client first and then advise on insurances such as unemployment cover.

3min 27s: Who is the cover relevant to? Usually only to employees, they are stricter on self-employed people, you can’t make yourself redundant.

3mins 55s: Would you recommend the cover from day 1? You can take it out on day 1 if you have the budget available though you might not be eligible as you sometimes have to have been employed by your employer for 6 months first.

4mins 45s: Can you claim on the insurance if you have stolen from your employer? If you have contributed to your dismissal then no. You have to have been made redundant through no fault of your own.

5mins 9s: Why haven’t I heard of unemployment insurance? There aren’t many insurance providers who offer it and also it isn’t cheap. It depends but it can be around £50 per month.

6mins 54s: Do they pay out? There aren’t usually any problems as long as you are clear and honest.

7mins 36s: How quickly do they pay out? There is a form to complete and you need to understand the deferred claim period e.g. if it’s 3 months of redundancy then you should complete the form in the second month and you would receive the cheque by the fourth month.

9mins 14s: What if you have started a new job – would the insurance pay? If you are earning the same or higher then they won’t pay out but if it is lower you might get a partial payment.

10mins 5s: Are premiums low with the current circumstances? They are likely to be lower at the moment because of the circumstances but there are also more insurance providers leaving at the moment which could lead to higher premiums.

11mins 58s: How can people find out more about you? Go to www.Christopher-Little.co.uk

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