Time Stamped Show Notes:

37s: Louis talks about one of Ashley’s niche specialisms, sponsor licence compliance, and what you need to do to keep on top of yours.

3min2 2s: Ashley talks about his work.

4mins 15s: Ashley talks about one of his cases, Raj & Knoll.

7mins 14s: Ashley talks about some of the problems with the tier 2 case.

10mins 4s: Ashley and Louis discuss genuine vacancy.

11mins 13s: Ashley talks about administrative and compliance errors.

12mins 30s: Ashley talks about an important point in the case of Raj & Knoll.

13mins 14s: Louis and Ashley discuss the breach of resident labour market test.

14mins 25s: Ashley and Louis discuss the way the case went and the principles.

17mins 3s: Louis and Ashley discuss why this strict approach was taken.

19mins 27s: Louis and Ashley talk about another case about sponsor licence compliance.

21mins 23s: Ashley and Louis talk about the challenges of getting a licence.

22mins 35s: Ashley talks about the key concerns of the home office and the courts.

23mins 54s: Louis asks if Ashley has ever lost a case in sponsor licence revocation.

25mins 0s: Ashley gives his advice on avoiding the judicial review route.

26mins 49s: Louis talks about a recent case he had.

27mins 54s: Ashley talks about the process and what you need to do.

You can find Ashley on LinkedIn or you can Google the Exchange Chambers.

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