Time Stamped Show Notes:

29s: About Kevin McNerney – he is a barrister who specialises in employment law.

1min 20s: Barristers are self employed, in his employment law team there are 22 barristers.

2min 15s: Kevin outside of work – he is married with 2 daughters, he has lived in Harrogate for nearly 17 years.

2mins 52s: What is the best thing about being a barrister? Advocacy!

3mins 47s: Kevin represents both employers and employees, it’s all about justice.

4mins 58s: Are employers better resourced, more likely to have advocates? Some, having a union gives you the advatage of hiring just as good a barrister.

5mins 32s: The benefits of Legal Expenses Insurance. If you have a Household Insurance Policy and, say, you’ve been dismissed. The insurance will pay for insurance to hire solicitors or barristers.

6mins 11s: What do solicitors do? Solicitors and barristers are a team. Solicitors do litigation, they do the letter before claim, know the facts and assess the case. They set out in writing why a claim will succeed and deal with everything before the courtroom.

8mins 18s: If a courtroom is needed then you instruct a barrister, they deal with oral advocacy. Although, solicitors can be good in a courtroom if they are experienced.

9mins 44s: How are barristers paid? Generally via a solicitor, they will instruct a barrister on behalf of the lay client and the solicitor will be liable for the barristers fee. Alternatively, an individual can instruct a barrister on a direct public access basis.

10mins 54s: How do you instruct a barrister? Ring up St Johns Building Chambers and speak to the clerks who deal with public access requests and they will make an assessment if the claim can be handled without a solicitor.

11mins 35s: Do solicitors and barristers have different personality traits? No, it’s too general. More barristers become judges but it isn’t a set rule.

12mins 51s: What is the worst thing about being a barrister? Waiting years to be paid and cases can settle or crack after having done all the work.

14mins 2s: Are they regulated the same? They have the same structure. Barristers have the bar standards board, bar council and legal services ombudsman, both are heavily regulated.

14mins 42s: Tips for becoming a solicitor or barrister: find an area of law you’re interested in, don’t wait for the academics before getting to grips. Go to Citizens Advice Bureau and volunteer. You can get cases within 6 months and be in an employment tribunal within a year.

16mins 22s: Tips for using lawyers: for the employment tribunal process, instruct a specialist in employment law, look up their bio.

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